Appear Naturally Beautiful without Makeup

Women love to look beautiful, but what would it required to look beautiful without makeup?
In this article, ‘so new fashion’ will give you tips for you to look beautiful without makeup.
The following steps below:

Always smile


When you smile at someone else, almost certainly they will respond with a smile. People who smile are also usually much liked and looked more charming.

Dental hygiene

beautiful without makeup

One way to maintain healthy teeth is to brush your
teeth regularly. The first thing seen by others is your beautiful
smile. The appearance of stains on the teeth or yellow teeth can lower
your confidence. So, do not let it happen.

Without Lipstick

Without lipstick, you can still look beautiful.
Why is that? Try to wear natural moisturizer for your lips to look
natural and candid. Moisture serves to treat, prevent pigmentation and keep your lips to keep them soft and supple.

Healthy food

Eating healthy food is not an option but should be socialized for the sake of long-term health. You can consume vegetables and fruits at a relatively affordable and easy to find.
Healthy foods include milk, fish protein and especially the ‘vitamin E’ which is believed to improve skin health.

Drinking water

Water has the essential ingredients to cleanse the skin, intestines and other organs naturally.
In addition, water is also beneficial to get rid of all kinds of toxins that get into your body.
With drinking water on a regular basis (at least 8 cups / day), you will be well hydrated, and skin look bright and fresh.


When the internal organs in your body to function normally and healthy; they will work optimally and can positively affect your skin.
Drink warm plus honey lemon water every morning. A very effective way to cleanse the body from the inside.


Use a scrub or brush that is not too hard to scrape off dead skin cells. These tips do this on a regular basis to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.
You can also use a mixture of green tea and wheat powder as a natural scrub for the face.

Regularly sleeping

To have beautiful skin and free of wrinkles, you should perform regular breaks. sleeping in 7 to 8 hours a night should you do to make your beautiful skin.
addition, regularly sleeping is useful to relieve stress and restore
power after the move all day. With enough sleep, collagen production for
healthy skin function will also be normal.

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