Fashion Tips that Women Should Know

There are many “fashion tips” that have been expressed by some of the fashion designer, but among you may still not know.

so New Fashion Will provide information on “fashion tips that women should know“. It would be very interesting if we see together.



Tips for Choosing Stockings

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Stockings of this type is made of a thin and transparent. Because of this stocking material serves to cover blemishes on the feet if you wear them. Also visible is transparent and does not look you wear stockings.Suitable for the office or formal events because it can give a professional impression.

Tips for Choosing Glasses

Fashion tips that women should know
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Model, motif or color glasses are very diverse. It can make a person confused when buying sunglasses.

When buying sunglasses, the selection should not only be based on buyer preferences will be a model, pattern or color alone.

Tips for Choosing the Pas Earrings

Fashion tips that women should know
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Earrings, as accessories in the ear when selected appropriately can add to the beauty of the appearance. Various unique shape with a variety of basic materials, also with bright colors makes it even more attractive to wear. 
So that you look more beautiful, in addition to and adapted to the atmosphere should earrings used according to face shape.

Tips for Use Casual Jeans 

Fashion tips that women should know
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Use current events casual jeans or casual events. Or if you are in an environment that is harsh or cold, jeans fits in use. 

Some companies also allow employees to use casual clothes including jeans. Then the jeans can be worn as well to work if this type of clothing is allowed.

Tips for Choosing Lingerie

Fashion tips that women should know
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Underwear been possible only based models cute or attractive colors, but there are more important things to consider when you buy underwear because one option can cause problems with your sex organs.
Maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of sex organs is certainly a very important thing. Various problems can arise due to wear underwear that does not fit, ranging from irritation characterized by itching or rash, infections of the sex organs, vaginal discharge, or may also inhibit pregnancy.
To avoid these problems, preferably in choosing clothes in not only by the colors and patterns that look cute, colorful or choose a lingerie model who will make the body look sexy. It is more important than appearance is the comfort and health of sex organs.

Tips for Choosing Clothes for Thin Body

Fashion tips that women should know
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Some clothes are recommended for your Underweight. Some types of these garments can make your body look fuller. Models to choose from, among others:

1. Clothes that have wrinkles or ruffles

Wrinkles and details of ruffles will give the effect of fuller body.

2. The clothes made from knitted.

Knitted material thicker than other materials, the knitted material is suitable for your body lean.

3. clothing with models stacked

You can be a few pieces of clothing, for example, use a shirt with a vest, vest or sweater.

4. Use clothing with a silhouette of a firm chest

Bosses or overalls with a silhouette on the chest will be a sweetener that will create a more attractive appearance.

5. Use clothing with a pattern of horizontal lines

As is generally known, the horizontal line will give the impression to widen the body. It becomes a motif that is suitable for making the body look wider.

6. Use clothing with bright colors

Bright colors such as white, yellow or pink to make the body look bigger.

7. Skirt with models rimple

Skirt with folds like a model rimple make your lower body look fuller.

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