Style Fashion Isyana Sarasvati ONSTAGE

Risa Saraswati, known by his stage name Isyana Sarasvati (born in Bandung, February 24, 1985, age 30 years) is a singer, writer Indonesian nationals.


Isyana known supernormal abilities are able to communicate with supernatural beings. Currently he works as a civil servant Karawang District Department of Highways and Irrigation.

in the stage action isyana Sarasvati always steal the show at every appearance. Not only amaze the audience with her charming voice, also has a beautiful virgin fashion styles that you have to steal.

Here is a fashion style Isyana on the stage of the most riveting!

Isyana seen very often using a style all black outfit chic nan. However, who would have thought if his style is more impressed this time boho look. Look at the time Isyana mother dove wearing a black top of Nerveux Label.

Crop top dominated by the black color of the more stylish when paired with a matching wrap maxi skirt. Do not miss all accented with a gold necklace that beautifies appearance. The combination certainly makes it seem so charming.

Isyana also been hypnotized the audience thanks to his style is like a daughter. The girl who is also an expert in playing a musical instrument rather wear a beautiful dress. As indicated on previous occasions, she looks stunning in her nude-colored ball gown.

Not only that, tendril ornament in the form of black in some parts also adds to the impression of flawless nan.

In contrast again with her style when wearing a red dress. The dress cheongsam dress design is similar to that of course makes it looks more attractive. Moreover, the combination of a halter neck and ornamentation that makes it seem more oriental look.

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