Mix and Match Casual Fashion Styles

Want to work, college, relaxed, many women are choosing pants. Whether it’s jeans, pencil pants, capri pants and so on. But if you use a style that’s it, it can make us bored.
Well, in order to make you more passion and look fresh every day, then you need to try to mix and match styles from us. This week the theme is still using scarves, jackets, blazers, because the rainy season is still ongoing.

Soft Jeans

Comfortable pants will make you free to move and free of sweat or odor. Well, the pants that we recommend is soft or soft jegging jeans. Material jeans or jegging is usually softer, thicker and comfortable to wear.

Source image : justthedesign.com

Blazer and Scarves

You can choose both or choose one of them. Blazer makes you look ready to go and shawl or scarf can give a chic look stylish. You look feminine but also not too relaxed.


Source image : brilio.net

Belt It or Loose

That the current trend is to use a belt to give the impression of a slim and neat. Moreover, now many belt which has a very vintage models and suitable for all types of ocassion. But if you feel uncomfortable entering boss in your pants, loose it. Choose a shirt with the cutting that is not flat on the bottom. Cover it with a blazer tipped round and add accessories.

Source image : peaceloveshea.com


You want to look stunning? Pink, red, green and blue can be an option for pants that you use. Or you can choose a leopard motif, army and other abstract motifs. Want to look antique, you can use color or brown mustard. Whereas if you do not know what to use what, choose muted colors such as khaki, gray or black.

Source image : spirit.web.id


Do not forget to use the shoes that can make you look sophisticated. But if you want a lightweight appearance, you can use the sweet flat shoes, until moccasins. Heels and low heels and wedges, can make you look more feminine.

Source image : popsugar.com

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