Top 5 Kinds of Hats for Casual-Sporty Fashion Style

Hat is one of the fashion that becomes an important requirement, especially who want casual or sporty fashion style. Even the cap is often used as the main topic of fashion used. Kinds of hats very much and can be combined into a unique fashion style and give the impression of elegance for its users. The followings are top five kinds of hats that can be used for casual and sporty fashion style.

Baseball Cap

Baseball cap is the most popular caps commonly used man or woman. This fashion style can be used in a variety of events, such as casual event or while traveling. Although known as sports caps, This hat can be combined with many different types of clothing, such as shirts, jackets, cardigans, long coat, even a suit.

Kim Kardhashian wearing a baseball cap
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Fedora? The name may be not familiar to you, but the kind of hat is very much used by woman. Because of this cap is known as the existing cap on the tape loop of this crown. Yes, the name of this cap is Fedora. These caps first appeared in the 1920s and remains a popular retro style today. Fedora can be used with a variety of outfits, which is important in accordance with the tone color of your outfit.


Stacy Keibler wearing a fedora hat
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Bucket Hat

This circular brim hat with army cap and is often used as identical as well as field cap of the unit’s members marines. However, this hat is great when combined with the color of clothing that matches the color of this cap.

Angelina Jolie wearing a Bucket Hat
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Bowler or Derby

This cap ever to be a trend in the late 19th century, this is a kind of rigid cap of felt material which forms the crown of his round, while its narrow brim and bent upwards. This cap is suitable for thin-faced person or oval because this type of cap can make your face look more round.

Taylor Swift wearing a bowler hat
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Boater Hat

Who want to look more classic, elegant, simultaneously appear more ‘sweet’, this cap is the right choice for you. Tpoi in typical with the material that is rigid with the brim straw (suburb) flat and the same width. This cap is suitable for people with a square face to reduce the impression of a firm jaw line. This hat is perfect paired with a suit.

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