Wizard Fashion Style Makes You Look Different

Wizard fashion style has now been featured in numerous fashion week event. This fashion style has also been trusted by many fashion designers. Display elegant and casual looks very solid in her wizard dress. Not only women, fashion style is also very popular in men. Basically any color is not always black or dark, even daring to show bright colors like red, blue, green, and many others.
The following are some unique fashion style wizard works from world famous designers : 

For Men :

Lord Brynden Rivers called “Bloodraven” fashion style 

Source image : wizardfashion.tumblr.com

The Lord of the Rings inspired designs with billowing capes and pointed wizard hats

Source image : dailymail.co.uk
The red and white designs featured gravity defying embellished hats adorned with red flowers

Source image : dailymail.co.uk

Elizabethan Fashion by Alexander Mcqueen

Source image : Othello on pinterest.com


For Women :

Simple Wizard Styles for Women

Source image : wizardfashion.tumblr.com

Wizard of Oz by Marc Jacobs

Source image : latimesblogs.latimes.com

Wizard fashion style by Zang Toi

Source image : www.dailymail.co.uk

Halloween Cloak masquerade cosplay costume – Elf wizard cape clothes blue

Source image : aliexpress.com

Halloween Masquerade Party Costumes – Uniforms Cosplay Witch (Costume Fancy Dress)

Source image : aliexpress.com

Chinese Style Wind Coat – Casual

Source image : aliexpress.com

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