Guide to Choosing the Right Material Swimwear

Swimming is one of sport that began in great demand, especially for adolescents. In addition to an exciting water sports, swimming is also very beneficial for health, including helping a good bone formation, especially during the growth period. Swimming also become one of the sports that competed in various championships. However, many beginners who do not know that in choosing clothes or swimsuits must pay attention to the materials used. For reference, here are some ingredients that are often used in making clothes or swimwear :

1. Lycra

Lycra has long been known in the swimwear industry. Lycra is known as a material that is soft and comfortable to wear. The color is also nice-nice. Lycra was actually a term to refer to a material made from a mixture of Spandex fibers and other fibers, so also known as Lycra Spandex or Elastane.
Spandex (derived from the word “expands”) is a kind of elastic polyurethane fibers, discovered in 1959 by an expert chemical company DuPont. Lycra actually do not have a level of durability that long. To use every day will usually only last for 6 months, depending on the quality Lycranya itself.
Currently there are latest generation of so-called Lycra Xtra Life Lycra reported 10 times the levels of resilience and durability than previous generations.

2. Polyester

Swimsuit made of this material is durable and lasts longer if cared for properly. However swimsuit with polyester material is not as comfortable as Lycra; polyester is not as soft as Lycra, is also less elastic (stretch) than Lycra. But even more uncomfortable than Lycra, polyester can be very durable if properly cared for, in short, polyester material that is more durable than Lycra. Some famous brands wearing polyester as the main material, made even more comfortable, more elastic and pick protection against UV rays.

3. Nylon

Most of the non-polyester swimsuit made of Nylon, whether it is mixed Lycra or 100% of Nylon. Nylon is the material that is strong, lightweight and elastic. Nylon absorptive capacity of the small water and dry quickly. If the activity you just swim for fitness then swimsuit made from Nylon is suitable for you.

4. Made Mixed Swimwear Others.

a. Poly PBT
PBT Polyester including the types of new materials in the material world for the swimsuit. This material is used in both the swimsuit for regular exercise as well as for the swimming competition. PBT or polybutylene terephthalate has a high level of elasticity, fast drying and low absorption of water.


b. XLA
This new type of fiber is an elastic textile fiber manufactured by Dow Chemical. First published in January 2003. The trade name is Dow XLA Elastic Fiber. This material offers more resistance to chlorine up to 1000 hours, the power of high elasticity, heat resistant up to 220 degrees Celsius and dry quickly. XLA fiber in Europe and the United States known as Elastolefin and Lastol.

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