15 Fashion Tips for Women Skinny

Sometimes, so the girl was “complicated”. Weight gain little directly to make a diet program. Turn already thin’d say: “Well… my body emaciated really did not contain” and rush to the supermarket to buy a snack.
But, for the skinny girls, the problem does not just stop there. Sometimes, they can be confused very moment must choose the right clothing style you know! Instead look cool, one may choose to make their clothes are called “skinny” or “power poles”. Um … let me not be in trouble, try to record the 15 rules that have been prepared.

1. For those of you who Petite, Choosing Clothes Two Pieces better than Dress

Choosing pants and shirts or skirts and tops more advisable than to wear overalls. Because the trick to separate parts of the body will give the illusion of body shape. At least, your body will not look “flat” and looked no curves.

2. When You Want Wearing Dress, Select Model to Fit with Your Body Shape

Important to choose a dress that could to accentuate shape of the shoulder, chest, waist, and hips. The four models in the top dress might be the right choice for you who are underweight.

3. To Look Your Body Curves, Try Wear Belt

In addition to creating the illusion of curves, belt can enhance your appearance. But, be careful! If the belt that you wear too much, your body may look shorter.

4. Blouse Could Be Yours As long as the Shape and Size Proportional

Blouse size certainly should pay attention. Tricks of the most “safe” is to choose a medium size. Note also the model of the arm and additional applications on your blouse. Ruffles on the chest as shown above can make your body look fuller, you know!

5. Choose Size Medium Also Applies to Shirt, Not Too Tight Or Even Oversize

If the curve of your body is not so obvious you should forget to wear a tight T-shirts. Instead looks interesting, you can actually look even thinner. Meanwhile, wearing T-shirts with too large size makes you look “sinks”. So, you should choose a medium size. You can also choose a shirt with body pieces or extra pockets on the chest.

6. Also Shirts Could Be Item mainstay for Disguise Your Body Shape

Confused want to wear? Yup, the shirt could be a mainstay item while scarcity of ideas in determining the style of dress. In particular long-sleeved shirt, a powerful disguise the shape of the shoulders and arms were thin. Wear with how incorporated into the pants, the waist will look wider and feet look proportional.

7. Formula Definitely Make You the Skinny: Choose Clothes with Motif Horizontal, Don’t vertical

Shirt with horizontal motifs will add volume to the body so that it looks more contained. Meanwhile, a vertical motif reserved for those wide-bodied to look slimmer. So, do not let the wrong choice!

8. Avoid Clothes-Shirt with One Color, Select Patterns and Colors More “Crowded”

The clothes were plain one color makes you look more lean vulnerable. Meanwhile, a shirt with a pattern that is crowded with more than one color makes you look more festive. This is a trick to distract other people’s views on the shape of your body lean.

9. Wearing Clothes Layered So One Trick Eligible You Try

So that your body does not look too thin, you can work around this by way of wearing layered clothing. Sweater, jacket or cardigan could be an option to add the illusion of your weight. Well, during the winter, as now, wearing layered clothing does not just look stylish, but also warm your body.

10. Sure If Jacket or Blazer that You Wear Not Covering Hip

Well, choosing a jacket or blazer also have to be careful, girls! Ensure that the length of the jacket or blazer fall at the waist so that it does not cover the hips. By doing so, the waist will look smaller and shoulders look wider. You also successfully creates the illusion of curves of your own body.

11. Avoid Shirt, Skirt, or Dress with Spandek Materials look so Good

How thin does your body? If weve really skinny, they want to force the material wear spandex.

12. Provided Smart Select Matching Models, which Bodied Petite You Can Be Shown stylish with Skirt

When choosing a style with skirt, you should wear appropriate skirt at the waist. Although the waist will look smaller, your hips look even more volume. Skirt with A-line or tube can really you choose.

13. Jeans with Pieces Low Waist Could Increase Volume Waist and Hip

Of all the types of jeans ever discussed here, you are skinny worth choosing the type of skinny and low waist. Pieces low waist will show the shape of your waist and make the hips look fuller. Meanwhile, the piece skinny pants with tapered ends also give the same effect.
However, you are skinny is not so advisable to choose pants that are too tight, including wearing jegging. Instead, it would be more appropriate to choose the type of bootcut or flare if you have a thin and high body.

14. Accessories Already Definitely Supports You look

For you are skinny, earrings are required so you wearing. Because the decoration at the ear will distract other people’s views of areas of the body to the face. In addition, the necklace is also recommended when you want to make the neck look longer and charming. If you want to wear tote bag, do not ever choose a handbag sized if not high enough your body.

15. Flat Shoes and Boots Could Be Featured Good Instead of High Heels

High heels will make your body look taller than the original. In fact, his thin body will look even thinner. Preferably, wear flat shoes for casual occasions. Can also choose to wear boots to disguise his thin legs as well as make you look like does not seem unusual.
Well, how? Passable can enlightenment, right? From now on, do not be confused to determine your style.

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