9 Fashion Tips for Fat Women

Are you one of the women who are fat? To improve confidence and increase your beautiful, surely you’ve tried dieting. However, diet is not the only way to get a slim body and ideal. There is a quick way for the body look slimmer, with tips on choosing the your fashion.

9 Fashion Tips for Fat Women

1. Highlighting Your Waist

The first tips is choose a dress that accentuates the waist, for example, the ’50s-style dress is a little tight and full at the waist or chest. In addition, do not use a skirt that make the legs look more level and length.

2. Choosing the Clothes that Suitable for Your Body Shape

For those of you who have a round body, it is advisable to use a flare skirt. Flare skirt is a skirt with a wider bottom so as to make this skirt looks bumpy. Flare skirt can cover large hips. Do not use a sharp pencil skirt and patterned pants because it can reinforce your body great.
For those of you who are overweight at the same time that large breasts could use a bra that supports the breast and then proceed to dress accented with a cropped, V collar and collar sabrina to accentuate your shoulders. Sabrina neck dress designed with wide open neck, so that both shoulders or one shoulder can be seen clearly. Illusion of broad shoulders to make the waist look slimmer.

3. Choosing One Color

The use of the color of clothing can make the body look longer and slimmer. By using fashion the almost same color (monochrome), would make people’s views are not focused on one part of the body. A good idea to choose a dress the color navy blue, black, dark purple or dark red, and avoid dresses with lots of sparkling accents.

4. Using Corset

In order for your body looks slim quickly, use a corset. Corsets has been widely used and is a secret for body look slim.

5. Choosing Clothing Small Patterned

For your body looks slim, use clothing with a small motif. Small motifs on clothing can affect the eyes and creates a smaller silhouette. The larger the motive clothes worn, the body will look more broadly.
You can also use a shirt with polka dot motif. Many large woman who avoids polka dot motif. You do not need to be afraid to use polka dot dress, wear a shirt with polka dot pattern that is not too large. Motive big will form the illusion of the body widening. If you are still worried about the look fatter, choose clothes patterned with dark tone is more dominant.

6. Choosing Clothing Patterned Vertical Line Thin

In addition to using a patterned dress small as mentioned above, you can also wear clothes (pants, shirts, skirts or dresses) patterned thin vertical lines. The thin vertical line can create the illusion of a longer body and slim. Conversely, avoid clothing with a pattern of horizontal lines because it can reinforce the impression of fat on your body.

7. Choosing Peplum Dress

Peplum is a blouse or skirt that has a flare, right at the waist. This silhouette extending over the body and create a shape somewhat inflate around the hips. Peplum always match worn a variety of body shapes. Gives the illusion of a feminine waist and look more curvy.

8. Using Small Belt

For the obese women to be more visible slimmer appearance, use a belt of small and somewhat thick. The use of thin belt can make the body look fat. To motif belt, choose a simple pattern that other people do not pay attention to a part of your hips. The color selection also affects belt. Should choose a neutral color belt, or in line with the clothes you wear to the body looks more level.

9. Using Bags and Shoes That Fit

For clothing accessories such as sandals, do not use sandals have an ankle strap, because it makes the body look short and fat. For the selection of bags, use bags or medium sized responsibilities.

That 9 fashion tips for fat women that you can do. Selection of appropriate clothing and accessories that can make your body look slim in a short time. For convenience, do not use a clothing material is too thick, because usually sweaty body fat faster than slim or skinny body.
So 9 fashion tips for fat women, if you have any tips to choose the model clothes for fat women, not hurt if you share it with us by commenting below. Thank you for reading our article.


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