3 Mix and Match For Culottes Pants

Feeling bored with jeans or concerned with tight jeans that can harm your body? Culottes pants is the right choice to wear jeans without looking old-fashioned wide. Although culottes pants has been known since the 70s, but with the right mix and careful, you can still wearing the underwear model in the present.

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3 Mix and Match For Culottes Pants


Culottes pants or skirt pants also called loose because its shape like a skirt. Culottes with midi length to below the knee was happening at this time. This model of Culottes Pants is perfect paired with blazer, shirt, cropped, up jacket. Here are tips alloy culottes pants to try:

1. Culottes Pants & Tees

For a casual look, culottes pants can be combined with a superior plain tees. Wear pants culottes who have pieces until below the knee. Mix and match with a boss-sleeved tees that are not too short or raglan shirt so culottes pants do not seem unbalanced or balanced. This culottes pants look a bit less proportionally matching combined with a t-shirt with a plain sleeve.

2. Culottes Pants & Shirts

The second tips to make a solid-match culottes pants are pairing culottes Pants with shirt. Went to the office with a pair of culottes, why not? Use culottes pants which has a length to calf. Match with a shirt that has the accent on the waist strap. Wear shirts with motifs and soft colours also can choose. It could also plain shirt, are not disposable accessories, culottes pants and shirts also had an equivalent fashion that fit for you to work with a different view.

3. Culottes Pants & Blazer

The third tips to make a solid-match culottes pants is to pair culottes pants with Blazer. It is very graceful if you matching culottes pants with tops blazer. It should be remembered, maximize style with a blazer that has a neutral colour only. Do not forget to avoid the use of materials that are too thick, such as wool, because wool is able to change the impression of your appearance so it seems short. Therefore, the shape of culottes pants which has a width at the bottom, and even seemed to look like a skirt. So, if you combined it use with a clothes that had a thicker material will make your body looks shorter.
The use of accessories must be observed. Using a large necklace is not recommended, to avoid the over impression. Use the small necklace or you can wear a scarf with a cute motif for matching the culottes plain.

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