4 Facts about the History of High Heels that You Must Know!

High heels are shoes that are identical with a feminine, sexy, and glamorous appearance. Even when these types of high-heel shoes combined with a kind of Muslim dress, high heels also add an elegance looks to a Muslim woman who wears it. Are you curious about the history of high heels? Check our reviews on the history of High Heels below.

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4 Facts about the History of High Heels that You Must Know!

1. Start from Egypt and Greece

High heels at the time of ancient Egypt and ancient Greece became a marker of high social and economic status of a person. These shoes are used both by men and women. Then came chopine or platform shoes (thick-soled shoes) are spreading in Europe. These shoes are not only sturdy as leg braces but also make a person look more fashionable. Because the shoes with high heels and thin then characterize the shoes of the wealthy and privileged.

2. Convenience is paramount

Convenience became an important element in the manufacture of high heels. When the fashion industry writhing in 1950, many other designers compete to create the high heels that complement their beauty of fashion design.

3. Marketed through Hollywood celebrities

The designers did not hesitate to endorse the celebrities of Hollywood for a film production as well as the artist’s appearance on the red carpet. No wonder if high heels began to hit womankind throughout the world. And from then on high heels no longer a symbol of prosperity.

4. 1960, high heels refusal of women

Although increasingly popular, there are also some women who refuse high heels. They are a group of feminists in the 1960s who thought high heels as a barrier to the progress of women. They see the high-heeled shoes will be difficult for women to ‘move’ both physically and thinking. As if women should be satisfied with just being beautiful in appearance.
Nevertheless, changes of thinking occurred in the feminist group in 1980. They actually began to see as high heels a symbol of women’s tough, powerful and happy, as well as being a symbol of beauty and strong character. Feminist groups began to agree that wearing high heels is the choice of all women in the world and something to be proud of for women. The notion that high heels are no longer used to lure men solely is believed and continue to grow until now.


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