5 Fashion Tips That Make Petite Women Looks Higher

Asian people on average have a petite body, especially women. Petite woman is usually very embarrassed if it looks shorter than her friends. To get around this, there are five fashion tips that can make petite women looks higher.

5 Fashion Tips That Make Petite Women Looks Higher

Currently, many women’s fashion that can be used to adjust the posture. If you have little body, you should know about selecting the right style, and color anything that could make you look taller. 
Here’s 5 tips that can make a fashion petite woman more confident:

1. Choose a color monochrome

Monochrome color can help create the impression of a high posture. Petite women are advised to use one color on the shirt or dress. Choosing one color from top to bottom can give the illusion of elongated posture. Black or dark colors are best to be applied when important events or hang out with friends. If a petite woman using a lot of color on clothes or superiors, then the impression of an elongated body will not be visible.

2. High-Heels

Almost every woman wearing high-heel, but unknowingly turned out high-heels can also help the petite woman looks higher. High-heels are kinds of shoes or sandals are high, and sizes vary, ranging from 3 cm to 10 cm. Women who wear high-heels are very graceful, fashionable and sexy. High impression in the show will make every woman becomes more attractive.

3. Use Maxi Dress

Wear maxi dress may seem slim, but the selection of the right models and colors will create the illusion of an elongated body. Choose a dress patterned monochrome dress models extends from neck to toe.

4. Style High Waist

Using genie pants or short skirt and high waist could make the waist look over, and people will speculate that your body is higher than it actually is.

5. Choose a thin belt

Wear a big belt will only make the body look shorter. For a petite woman who wants to wear a belt, preferably using a thin belt to keep the body balanced and more fashionable.
Those are five fashion tips that make petite women looks higher. Sometimes women are not confident with her appearance, but using the proper fashion will enhance the appearance of women. See also other fashion tips on this site to make you look more fashionable.


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