5 Natural Ingredients to Take Care Your Nail

In addition to protecting the fingers, fingernails actually has a function as a supporting appearance for a person, especially for a woman. Then how to do a nail care? Here are some ways that you can try:

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5 Natural Ingredients to Take Care Your Nail

1. Use Wuluh Star fruit.

You can make this fruit that has a sour taste as a material for treating nail hygiene is easy and natural. Star fruit is the fruit that contain minerals and vitamins that can make your nails stronger and easily fragile.
The trick is, take the star fruit slices and rub on all parts of the nail. When it finished, wash the excess water from star fruit using clean water as well as hand washing. Do it every day before sleep at night.

2. Watermelon Skin

Watermelon rind can also be used to perform maintenance which can make the nails become whiter and cleaner.
The trick is to plug it in and then instigation nail on the watermelon rind, then let stand for some time to dry. After that, rub the nail using dry tissue and in no time your nails also looks more clean and shiny.

3. Foods that contains High Calcium

The third way to take care for your nails is by eating/drinking foods that contain high calcium. Calcium is known as the reinforcement of bones in the body so the body is not fragile. That is why, in order to strengthen also add beauty to the nail, you are recommended to consume beverages that high calcium as cow’s milk or soy milk.
Not only that, the consumption of foods such as nuts, avocado and durian fruit is also recommended because these fruits have a high calcium content. But don’t eat it too much, because it is advisable to not be consumed it every day.

4. Utilize Aloe Vera

In addition to having the benefit to nourish hair, the fact showed that aloe vera can also be used as a plant that can make your nails stronger and shiny.
The trick is easy, you just simply cleaning the skin and then rubbed aloe vera sap trickle up the nail and let stand for some time. If it starts to dry out, you can wash it off with warm water. For maximum results, you should be pretty routine for doing this treatment every day before you go to sleep.

5. Lemon or Lime

These five tips are very helpful to your nails that already have a yellowish colour. All you need is a lemon or lime juice and toothpaste.
The trick is quite simple, take a squeeze of lemon juice. Then mix the lemon juice with toothpaste and then apply it to all parts of your nails. When it is dry, you can wash it off with warm water. Do this treatment once a week. See the results in about 3 weeks, the colour of your nails will start to slowly change colour from yellow become brittle white and translucent.

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