5 Steps to Choose Hand and Body Lotion by Your Skin Type

Beauty and health of the skin into a valuable asset for any woman or man. That is because the skin is the outermost part of the body that is able to attract the attention of others. To nourish skin and avoid the dull and dry conditions it is necessary to form hand and body lotion moisturizer to keep our skin condition. In addition to protect and nourish the skin, hand and body lotion can also help whiten and black blemishes on the skin. So how do I choose hand and body lotion to make the skin become whiter and not dull?
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5 Steps to Choose Hand and Body Lotion by Your Skin Type

1. Watch Your Skin Type

Well, before determining hand and body lotion, you must pay attention to your skin type first. There are three types of skin that is normal, oily and dry. If your skin is scaly or rough-textured skin then you fall into the category of dry skin, and vice versa if it looks shiny then included in the category of Oily skin. Once you know your skin type, then you can determine what type hand and body lotion that good for you. Let’s refer to the criteria!
a. Normal Skin Type
To take care of normal skin is not too difficult, so to choose hand and body lotion also not difficult. Choose hand and body lotion with a mild formula to maintain moisture. But if you have an outdoors activity that directly exposed to sunlight then select hand and body lotion product that has a high SPF or 20.
b. Dry Skin Type
Dry and rough skin types need more attention because prone to irritation. Hand and body lotion as possible choose a lotion that contains a high moisturizing. Some compounds moisturizer that can be selected is an alpha hydroxyl acid and glycerine. Dry skin is very sensitive to cold or hot weather so had to use two types of hand and body lotion for different weather.
c. Oily Skin Types
Typically, oily skin has a moist outside conditions but still have to use Hand and body lotion freely with oil content in order to maintain skin health and does not feel sticky.

2. Avoid Synthetic Dyes on Hand and Body Lotion Products

Avoid content of synthetic dyes in hand and body lotion on the market. The content of artificial colourings made up of chemicals that are not healthy and can make the skin becomes damaged and irritated. You can see from the composition and can ask for a skin health expert’s tips to avoid harmful chemicals in hand and body lotion.
The most important thing in choosing hand and body lotion is pay attention to the composition and content of its SPF. Keep your intake of food and drinks in order to maintain skin health and to avoid skin irritation.


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