6 Easy Steps Using the Pashmina Veil

Hijab tutorial is an easy way to use pashmina that requested by Muslim women who are learning how to use the veil or hijab. Because with a simple model of pashmina, wearing a headscarf or hijab becomes more practicable. During this time you may be familiar with the hijab or headscarf as a means of closing the genitalia, but with at unfamiliarity tips and new ways receipts.
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6 Easy Steps Using the Pashmina Veil

Just need to keep in mind, Islam says that close the genitals with hijab should be up to the chest. This is usually forgotten by the Muslim women who do not know this yet. They tend to get stuck on the use pashmina with just wrapped the neck, while the chest is visible or not covered by a hijab.
Before starting to learn wear the hijab pashmina models, you need to prepare the necessary equipment in advance, i.e. pashmina, pins, brooches accessories such as flowers, for its coupling.
  1. First, Use ninja hijab to cover the hair before you start wearing Hijab Pashmina
  2. Wear your hijab by putting them on the head in a state the right side is longer than the left side to make it look worth it.
  3. Take a tip on the right side of your pashmina headscarf to the left side of the head and secure ends of the hijab by using a pin.
  4. Pull the tip of the veil on the inside pashmina longer toward the chest area and then lift it up.
  5. Take the end of the pashmina longer located on the right side to the top of the head and fix his position and also make sure if the tip can reach the left side of the head or ear. Do not miss to strengthen it with a pin that are not easily separated and do not alter the position.
  6. Furthermore, for the final touch to use flowers bross or so in order to further strengthen the ties hijab when worn and are not easy to shake, and add to your appearance look more leverage.
Hopefully this easy way to wear the pashmina hijab can be your reference materials for different display or as your study material in using Pashmina hijab. You can also doing something creative with your Pashmina Hijab as long as you have a creative idea and in accordance with of the religion.

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