7 Fashion Inspirations Like Coachella and Matching With Your Style Everyday

Coachella music festival is so one of the most anticipated musical events each year; not just because of the line up of artists filler which is always cool, but also because many artists who came to this event with their unique fashion style. In a way, other than as a musical reference, Coachella also always eagerly awaited as a fashion inspiration of young people.
Talk about Coachella, hippie shades is so thick at most music festivals this one. Although held in the open field with hot temperatures typical of California, this festival is always crowded visitors.
First held in 1999, Coachella was drafted to fight the ‘hegemony’ trend that most music festival held on the European continent.
And for the fashion problems, Coachella itself is identical to the collection of the hippie girl dressed and wearing flower headband. But it turns out not only on flower headband wrote, many other styles of Coachella inspiration that you can make reference for everyday look, you know. Listen!

1. Going Glamour with Maxi Dress

Source Image : Glamour.com
Who says the maxi dress can not be used to go to concerts? Kendall Jenner proved that assumption is not true. Just look at the style of this beautiful model is still chic and simple with a maxi dress.
You can choose the type maxi dress with spaghetti straps or a bikini top as yours Kendall so that your movements are free. Try also to wear comfortable shoes, girls. Do not let your day so not cool because you own complicated with your maxi dress. You can also try matching maxi dress with jacket jeans are going to make you see looks remain simple and not overdone.

2. Girly Style but Boyish with Dress Medium

Source Image : Stylecaster.com
If it sounds redundant maxi dress outfit made your choice, you can try wearing a dress medium like this Kiernan Shipka. Medium selection of dress is perfect choice for who want to look elegant but remained free and not complicated.
Let your style is getting cool, you can choose footwear that is comfortable so that your movements remain comfortable activism. And do not hesitate to make the medium blends like this dress with sneakers or running shoes, girls.

3. Free Sultry with Kimono Outer

Source Image : Stylecaster.com
Well for you who want to mix and match shorts boyish with something simple, you can try to use outer kimono like this Ambrossio Alessandra. The outer kimono in addition to functioning as an accent in your fashion style, can also serve as an antidote to the heat, girls. Definitely do not want the heat at the concerts in an outdoor location?
If the bikini looks too much for you, replace it with the inner-crop-top T-shirts are going to make you look so cool!

4. Viva United Shirt

Source Image : Laineygossip.com
Well if this is still very complete package for the lazy girl complicated for everyday style, as well as for the outfit to the concert. For some girls, the shirt of choice everyday style. But when you want to wear the shirt and still look stylish, try select loose shirt like this.
Loose shirts used by Taylor Swift looks very simple, but fashionable as well as paired with mini skirts which make her look taller. For everyday use, you can combine this with a subordinate shirt loose shorts, long jeans or even leggings!

5. Freedom Moving with Short Jumpsuit

Source Image : Stylecaster.com
If you are a girl with mini body size and petite, short jumpsuit could really be an option for everyday style! Besides being simple and easy to wear, short jumpsuit like this will also make you look taller! Miraculous really, right?
You can mix short jumpsuit as used by Suki Waterhouse with a short shirt, tank top, or even crop top let you look more stylish. So do not hesitate again for trying to wear skirts.

6. Stay Stylish but Simple with Skort

Source Image : Stylecaster.com
For some girls, wear short skirt is a BIG NO for various reasons. Complicated or deemed too sexy, and so on. Well if you are one of them, you can try to use this skort.
This skort although it looks like a skirt from the outside, she was in fact shorts, girls. So, say goodbye for not confident to wear a skirt. You can mix skort with simple tops like shirts, or shirts also for events more formal. Is a simple style, girls?

7. Go Simply Bold with Cute Mini Dress

Source Image : Elle.com
Another style that you can follow on Coachella is a mini dress like this. In addition not heat, the user can really matching combined with other fashion items. It makes you have endless possibilities for creating your own version of the style.
If you want to use the mini dress for the day-to-day, you can mix with jeans jacket that will make you look chic and a little punk rock. And if you’re feeling less confident with the short dress, you can really add leggings or shorts for subordinates.

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