8 Causes of Skin Dull Commonly

Talking about the health of the skin, means talking about care and health problems such as dull skin and irritation. Many people who want healthy skin but still pass the things that make the skin becomes dull. But do not worry, because the causes of dull skin can actually be solved with simple ways and without any side effects. Curious? Please read the following review.
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Causes of Dull and Oily Skin

Dull facial skin can make you look so unattractive. Some of the factors that causing the dullness are:

1. Stress

The psyche and the mind that experiencing severe stress become one of the most common disorder experienced by women and men. Not only making advance so more dull appearance, but also labour productivity may decline rapidly.


2. The effect of UV

Exposure to sunlight is actually become a source of important vitamins to rejuvenate the skin, but the sun is too high can have a bad effect. Ultraviolet rays in the sun during the day can damage the lining of the facial skin and eventually black spots on the face.

3. Less Rest

It takes less time to rest can occur at a young age both women and men. Many people reduce their sleep time to merge the job or just playing games. Though the causes of dull skin can be caused by lack of time to rest. Signs of sleep deprivation can be clearly seen that face so dull, greasy, and lethargic.

4. One Set Free Diet

Adjust your diet includes several things ranging from nutrition to the intensity of mealtime. If you do not keep eating there can be side effects that are less good as a face so dull and easily greasy. Oil content in the skin occurs because the oil content in food is too high. Overstock of fat in the body is not good for the health of the skin making it look dull.

5. Hormonal

Hormones could be a trigger factor dull and oily face. Usually during puberty, women who experienced periods have an unstable growth hormone. From there some conditions such as dull, oily and acne can occur in men and women.

6. Use of Cosmetics

Skin type certainly have compatibility with other types of cosmetics. Various hazardous materials such as chemicals in cosmetics can trigger skin looks dull and greasy.

7. Lack of Vitamin

Besides the intake of nutrients from food, some vitamins such as vitamin A and B can also cause a variety of skin problems if it does not receive sufficient intake.

8. Weather Factors

The weather changes from hot to humid could be a cause or factor why your facial skin is so oily. To avoid moist temperature, try to use clothing that is not too tight in the daytime as much as possible.

Dull skin is one of the issues on the face that have an impact to someone’s performance. Therefore keep your diet by avoiding fatty foods and almost instantaneous at the moment so the methods to avoid interference from skin as dull and greasy. Use these simple ways such as a mask or use a moisturizer to minimize the occurrence of dull skin.

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