9 Causes of Gray Hair at Young Age

For the elderly, the hair colour turned to white is a common thing, but what if the gray hairs appear in someone who is in young terms of age? Well, you should be careful if you encounter this phenomenon, as the emergence of considerable amounts of gray hair at a young age can be a sign of poor medical terms. So what causes it? It turns out there are various causes of why young people have had gray hair. Gray hair at a young age can arise due to several factors that have been overlooked. There are among others:
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9 Causes of Gray Hair at Young Age

1. Thyroid Disease

One factor that causing the appearance of gray hair is a thyroid disease. The production of melanin from the hair will decrease or inactive, so make a premature gray hair appears. So you should check thyroid levels if the gray hairs emerge quickly.

2. Less intake of Vitamin B12

Lack of vitamin B12 intake is associated with the appearance of premature white hair. Some compounds such as zinc, copper, and vitamin B12 is very important to nourish the hair, and therefore include foods that rich in vitamin B12 in your meal.

3. Genetic

Some phenomena onset of gray hair at a young age due to genetic factors, where parents have the same symptoms graying at their young age.

4. Less intake of Vitamin E and C

Body condition can also affect the appearance of gray hair at a young age. Lack of vitamin C and E can make hair colour turned into gray. This two vitamin deficiency will have a direct impact on hair cells that have the function to produce melanin.

5. Smoking

Cigarettes will generate free radicals in the body of the smoker and those free radicals can eventually make the levels of melanin in the hair thinned, causing gray hair.

6. Instant Food

Consuming an instant meals too often can lead to the production of melanin in the hair on the wane. Every person who is addicted to junk food would be more likely to have white hair at a young age.

7. Stress

Psychological factors such as stress has a lot to prove and into the causes of gray hair at a young age. Feelings such as feeling threatened, anxiety, distress, and sadness and so can reduce the production of melanin cells.

8. On Diet Program

Diet program also contributed to the causes of gray hair at a young age. Limited intake of nutrients for the hair during the growth will make disrupted melanin production.

9. Use Hair Dryer and Hair Vise

Do not overuse a hair dryer and hair vise. The effects of heat on the device could weaken the melanin in the hair so as to make the process of gray hair going faster.
It is certainly not something interesting, if at a young age is already a grizzled. So you should keep your lifestyle, including food and drinks that you consume.

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