4 Steps to Choosing Batik for Young Men

Batik has been transformed into the most hunted clothes by many people, not even the young man. Besides the colour is laden with formal impression yet elegant, modern design is more unique and sometimes makes the existence of batik increasingly recognized. The model of batik began diverse, particularly worn by men. Even so, it is possible that some people are still confused in choosing motifs and models that suitable for use and does not look like an old man.
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4 Steps to Choosing Batik for Young Men

We collect 4 models batik shirt men as the inspiration that you can choose to complete the collection of clothes for the party or to the office.

1. Ethnic Motif

Ethnic motif generally have very complex image patterns. Usually a lot of images of batik has its own philosophy. These patterns will give the impression of “old” to wear. That’s why today batik motif made with a much simpler forms and would made them look younger. In addition, a simple motif in batik apparel will made you looks fresher. Batik is already into something new, with the times.

2. Brighter Colour

Batik for young men usually have a much brighter colour. Generally, any colours such as red and blue often be the main colour of batik for men. You can choose this type of batik to be used in many situations. For example, for a hangout or a little more formal events.

3. Unique Model

Batik shirts are usually made into a standard that is often used for official events. However, with the aim to solicit buyers, especially among relatively young man, finally batik is made using a more unique models. Batik that having a certain standard, yet modified into a slim-fit models that fit perfectly used by the active man. In addition, batik is also modified into a jacket that can be used anytime.

4. Modern Model

Batik usually has a motif in harmony with nature, such as leaves, flowers, animals, until the mega mendung motif that inspired by the cloud. For modern man, the motif transformed into a football club motif, or motif that became the pride of their band. The motif of this model combines modern and original motif, that look fresher.

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