5 Jeans Combination for Hijabers

Denim pants or jeans has become a fashion item mandatory for anyone, especially those who love to carry the impression of relaxed and casual in appearance. Apart from the affairs of sharia, jeans can be the equivalent of a fit when wearing a dress and hijab when combined appropriately.
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Unfortunately, a minority of veiled women still mistakenly put the jeans as the main focus rather than as a complementary appearance so inclined by disclosing curves because it was too tight. We have compiled five tips hijab combines with jeans, so you can still look fashionable.

5 Jeans Combination for Hijabers

1. Pair jeans with tops jumper (sweater with long sleeves)

The jeans you’re wearing feels too tight? Relax, just mix jeans with a jumper tops such as long-sleeved sweater. Silhouette of jeans that are too tight, revealing the curve of the foot can be offset through the use of jumpers tend to volume, and gave baggy masculine aura. Do not forget to pick tops jumper length to cover the butt, or at least half the area of the butt. Enhance your appearance with sporty sneakers comfortable to accompany blend jeans with tops jumper.

2. Pair jeans with a long outer

Long cardigan or outer now becoming a trend. The icon hijabers inspired by many through matching style jeans with a long outer. Select the length of outer material made from T-shirts, cotton, wool or chiffon that implies a proportionate impression light of the nature of jeans tend to be heavy.

3. Pair jeans with a tunic chiffon asymmetrical model

In addition to style, chiffon tunic easily combined with various models of jeans, both flare models, skinny models, or straight pipe and baggy and boyfriend jeans models.

4. Pair jeans with a jeans jacket

When in the good weather and the sun is not too hot, there is no harm in carrying the two pieces that combine jeans with a matching jean jacket as well. If you are too tight jean jacket or cropped cut, select the innards shirt or baggy chiffon blouse and not too thin to give the illusion of view remains polite.

5. Pair jeans with a vest

Almost similar to the outer-sized, vest that fitting waist or but can be the right option when you want to combine jeans with a vest. Forget about matching counterpart is too monotonous, it’s time to mix variety of motifs and colours vest with your jeans. Matching colours and hijab patterns also be a good idea to be applied.

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