5 Reasons to do Facial Skin Care in the Evening

It is undeniable that the skin is a part of our body that get the most attention. This is happen especially in women. If the facial skin is get less attention, some skin problems like acne, dry skin or oily to enlarged pores can comes to your facial skin. To overcome some of these skin problems, the first action is usually done by women is the use of skin care products according to the needs of the skin.
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5 Reasons to do Facial Skin Care in the Evening

So what if the skin remains problematic even after using a skin care product? do not blame your skincare products. There are some skin care rules that must be known and affect your facial skin condition, one of which is the ritual treatment of morning and evening. To get healthy skin turned out to be not enough just to do maintenance in the mornings only. You also have to do it again in the evening. Any ritual treatment? This is the answer:

1. Cleanse, cleanse and double cleanse!

Dust, sweat, pollution and makeup that we use eveyday is the main reason why the face should be cleaned again before we enjoy the time off. Make it a routine to clean your face every night. If not, then the dirt on the skin can cause clogged pores, pimples, black, and the skin looks dull.

2. Exfoliate (peeling) skin

Cleaning the skin is a must. Use a cleanser or a scrub that will help exfoliate dead skin and make your skin smoother, glowing and fresh.

3. Do not forget, Toner!

Many women rely solely on facial soap to clean the rest of the make-up and dust. But that is not enough! Toner serves to maximize the process of cleaning the face after using soap. So do not forget to use Toner, ok?

4. Meet Serum

The use of serum at night is like turbochargers of your beauty routine. Apply serum evenly across the surface of the skin, in the morning the skin will feel more supple and radiant.

5. Moisturizer, Yes!

Not only in the morning, at night have we also needed a facial moisturizer. Routine use morning and night moisturizers useful to prevent premature aging and restore the natural bright colour face.

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