5 Things You Should Avoid, So Your Outfit Not Easily Broken

We are often feels difficult to find clothes that suit our desires and our posture. Unfortunately when the clothes already in the grip of a dream, we often make mistakes we do not realize and make our clothes becomes more easily damaged. Here are 5 mistakes that should be avoided in order to not break down our favourite clothes:

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1. Treating All the Same Clothes

People often treat all clothes with the same way when washing it, simply because it is considered more practical. Usually, because the narrow time maintaining any clothes we have, finally, we put all kinds of clothes in a washing machine. No! Certain types of clothes requires particular care and cannot be mixed with others, Ladies. So, treat your clothes off in accordance with the material of manufacture yes, your shirt is guaranteed to be much more durable.

2. Using Hot Water When Washing

Most of the clothing material cannot be washed with hot water, including jeans and shirt. Therefore, the use of hot water when washing will make the colour of jeans and a shirt become more easily fade.

3. One Select Detergents

Note the use of detergent when you wash clothes, if you do not want your washing clothes becomes more easily damaged. Most detergents containing bleach can damage the colour of your clothes. So better separate the use of detergents for the type of clothes you wash.

4. Expose Wrong Way

Because time is tight, we usually could not reverse the current clothes to be washed. Though strongly suggested when flipping clothes will hang clothes, because exposure to sunlight will make the colour more quickly faded clothes.

5. On Ironing

Not all of the ingredients may be ironed with hot temperatures. Watch the temperature that recommended on the label of your clothes so you do not burn clothing material or wrinkled due to errors ironing.
Well, that’s 5 mistakes that often we do not realize we do and make our clothes becomes more easily damaged. By knowing these mistakes, I hope you can be more thorough when performing maintenance on your clothes. May it be useful for you!


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