4 Guide to Choosing Shirt for Men

Currently, the shirt is no longer synonymous with the office or something formal. Currently, the shirt has been transformed into pieces that can be used anytime and anywhere. So, it requires you to be able to choose a shirt that suits your needs.
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4 Guide to Choosing Shirt for Men
Choosing the right shirt will not only make you seem “well dressed,” but also increase your comfort and confidence. Here are four guidelines to choose men’s shirts that you can follow:

1. Choose the Appropriate Size

Choose a shirt that fits into the shape of the body. This means do not ever wear a shirt that was too big or too small. Wearing a shirt that is too small will load your body looks great. Wearing a shirt that is too big will make you sloppy. So buy a shirt that actually fits in the body, or you can hire a seamstress to make a shirt of the appropriate size.

2. Select the Colour of Shirt that Compatible with Your Skin Colour

Each man had a leather assortment. There are olive, brown, to dark. Skin colour is something that affects your shirt. That’s why you should choose a shirt that matches the colour of the skin. Do not let the shirt colour that too contrasts with your skin actually makes you look weird.

3. Choose a motif that sustain Body Shape

If you have a large body, choose vertical stripes motif so your body looks smaller. If you are a small body, choose a motif that makes your body look bigger. Motif on shirts will usually give the illusion of people who were watching.

4. Select Materials Comfortable To Wear

Choose comfortable materials to wear on the move. i.e cotton materials that absorbs sweat. In addition, if you are doing an outdoor activity, better choose material that feels cool on the skin. Do not choose a shirt just from the appearance. But the comfort remains primary and essential.

Well, that was four guidelines for choosing men’s shirt. I hope it can help you to choose the right shirt. May be useful!


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