4 Safe Steps to Wear High Heels

High heels touted as the “goddess” shoes for various occasions. When a woman wearing it, her appearance will amaze many eyes were looking at her. Even in the affairs of dress, high heels will enhance the elegance of your fashion.

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But the dangers of high heels cannot be ignored. Leg cramps, joint pain, toes flexed, the shifting of the pelvic bones, arthritis and benign tumours may arise from the frequent use of high heels and in a long duration. This is certainly makes a wonder: What can be done to minimaze the risk of injury when using high heels?

Measures to minimize the risk of injury from high heels

  1. As a first step, you should choose a high heels that have appropriate shape and size of the foot. Do not only pegged on the model or colour that is becoming a trend. Look for shoes that are comfortable to wear. Avoid the use of pointed-toe shoes (pointed shoes) and thin heels in a long time.
  2. It is recommended to choose shoes with soles that thick enough so that the legs have the footing is quite soft and strong. Women can also buy an oval pads to prop your feet. Bearing foot (shoe pad) made of silicone gel that can reduce pain, blood circulation, and make the foot more stable when walking.
  3. The next important thing to do when using high heels is to give an opportunity to the foot to take a rest. If you have to attend a formal event, just get out of the crowd. Remove high heels and stretch the legs.
  4. If there is a complaint that you feel on your feet, do not delay to consult a doctor. Do not wait until the injury to reduce the efficiency of your run. Orthopaedist can see if there is something wrong with your leg or not.


Try to wearing high heels only on special occasions that it does not take long. As for daily activities, especially if it is spent in activities at the table, it is better to use flat shoes or platform shoes that do not force you to walk on your toes. So, Ladies, Get your style in a smart way.

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