Jumpsuit, Unique Choice for Stylish

Jumpsuit is everlasting fashion model. Just a reminder, the jumpsuit is a one-piece fashion model inspired by uniform of mine workers, projects and mechanic. The impression is practically a privilege of clothing that are often called ‘overalls’ and famous in the 80s.

Photo by Claretta Fashion
The presence of two pieces of clothing fashion trends helped contribute shifting jumpsuit. The main assumption is usually due to buy two pieces of clothing more easily combined. In addition, the jumpsuit was still attached will be the impression of relaxed, not general and “complicated” like a long gown or dress selection is still dominate interest in some women.
Then, how do I choose the right jumpsuit? Yes, there are some terms and criteria that you should follow that style of jumpsuit look you more stylish.


Photo by Claretta Fashion

The first rule: know your body shape and size
Indeed, the jumpsuit is designed to make the wearer look slimmer, tall and levels. If not, then you mistakenly select jumpsuit models. No problem for women owners of tall skinny body, but for the owner of a pear body, be careful with the model jumpsuit too tight at the bottom, especially in the area of the hips, thighs, buttocks and hips. We recommend that you select that size loose A-line silhouette or H-line in order to disguise the area under the volume. The size and length jumpsuit models that should not be too tight as baggy makes the thigh area and buttocks area appear bigger.
Especially for the owner of the torso body or upper body longer, choose clothing jumpsuit have list detail, a belt or obi that falls just above the waist or stomach, with your belly fat is not bloated and huge. This trick gives the impression of a powerful body more proportional, and do not forget to wear high-heeled footwear to balance jumpsuit.
Well, the owner chest, broad shoulders or chest area, it’s best to avoid full detail jumpsuit at the top area. Ceramic shoulders or wide field structure with the illusion piece models v-neck collar, halter, or one of a broad shoulder to streamline the upper body.
The second rule: pay attention to the pieces and models of jumpsuit
This is very important, elegant impression can only be achieved if you wear clothes that fit the models cut body shape, personality and event. The main problem when creating or buying a jumpsuit is in the groin area. The reason is because not all of the length and width of the size of a woman’s body is equal to the jumpsuit. Moreover, if jumpsuit purchased in the boutique, store or label that sells with sizes S, M, L only.
Make jumpsuit by size in the designer or tailor it certainly is the best alternative, but the price is certainly more expensive. It is advisable to always try jumpsuit you buy up a few times. Try it while standing, sitting, squatting to ensure the groin area is not cramped, uncomfortable and unwrinkled.
Regarding the model, there is no grip jumpsuit choose a model that is now more varied and compelling. However, understand that jumpsuit for casual events and relaxing can be characterized by the selection lit bright colors, chiffon, jersey or cotton shirts that seem light and comfortable. If the motives in a jumpsuit to draw your attention, choose a minimal affix detail so impressed fitting.
Jumpsuit should have simple, minimalist, elegant and not too open or show the curves so important to wear a jumpsuit as its primary purpose. Meanwhile, jumpsuit for formal events are generally made of wool, cotton, satin, and silk in a monochromatic palette, gold, gray, silver, earth-tone.

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