Red Dress, One Option for Your Party Outfit

Red is known as a fresh color and can steal the attention. Some studies also revealed that men tend to be attracted to women wearing red clothing.
Photo by Claretta Fashion
For those of you who are fond of red-colored clothing and you want to attract attention with feminine style, you deserve applying red dress while attending a party or dinner with your loved ones.
Here is one example. Dress made from polyester with geometric pieces that still emphasizes the feminine side of women. At the top there are pieces that form a straight line without reaching the neck. In this section you can use the necklace as accessories. On the sleeves, made in the form of long sleeve style crease in the wrist, to give the impression of elegance. Can be combined with the bracelet. The impression formed the waist (clean cut style) which adds to the sensual feel of the main attraction in this dress. This is also great in combination with the belt. To add to the impression of an elegant and sensual, you can bring an elegant bag with the same red color.
What do you think? Are you ready to dress like this?

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  1. Ini kok kayaknya bukan tema yang terbaru ya mas..

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